Fly My Cottonwood Hawk

There is a Redtailed hawk that frequents the fields behind where I live, and most often perches in a Cottonwood tree.  The photo posted here is of that hawk in that cottonwood. I have come to refer to this hawk as my cottonwood hawk.  I think of it as I wander in the Flint Hills and it inspired these words. I share them today, for my Dad, who is here visiting with me.


Fly, my cottonwood hawk, fly

High above bird nest in sunflower stalk

Above coyotes sleeping in deep prairie grass, that stir and run as I pass

Rise on a south wind wings twirling, over my little fire, flame swirling

above owl roosting in dead tree, fly, my cottonwood hawk, fly free

Soar into cold east wind, sound your cry over tall bur oak

Over whitetail deer hiding near, fly into flake filled air

Over fresh fallen snow, see me walking there below

Creature bound to earth, you a creature of the sky from birth

Take me with you when you depart, even if only in my heart

Fly, my cottonwood hawk, fly







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