Flakes and Flames

Snowflakes lightly floating down,

I’m resting among rounded rocks by a small fire just above a small lake in a mountain forest,

windblown snow drifts lie against a steep bank,

gray clouds in the sky from which flakes fly, 

nature doesn’t ask the question why,  it just is,

doesn’t matter whether I am here or not,

it continues on cycling through the seasons without having to explain or give reasons,

my hands feel the warmth of the small flames, my toes feel the cold winter,

my skis lie up on the top of the bank waiting for me to return ,

I feel the flick of small snowflakes on my face,

but I’m in no rush, I am content to sit and wait myself,

hoping for more snow,  I’m in no hurry to go,

 The fir trees are my companions, 

I will sit quietly and like nature ask no questions why,

ask for no reasons, just be here,  just be alive

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