Frosted Shadows Of My Path

My path this morning was heavy with frost, I followed it through grassy stems with sparkles shining there as if tossed, near a mountain rising up high into thin air, a good place for a bear, snow lying on the highest peak, it can all leave me feeling strong or tiny and weak, like times I feel I’ve made progress, yet, feel like I haven’t done much at all, and might be headed for a fall, slipping into a winter, in my mind a mental splinter, knowing it will lie inside, trying to hide, under the surface of my smiles, may be with me for far too many miles, sleeping in a hibernate, until I can figure a way to extricate, and in that feel the release, as I let  it go like flying geese, near the mountain waking like a spring, walking into flowers blooming new, under a mountain sky of blue, still, this morning I am enjoying just being in the frosted shadows of my path

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