Life Is Best Lived…

Life is best lived if not productive all the time. Time is well spent just sitting by a small fire on a Friday Fall morning. The air is cool, the fire warm, the sunlight on the yellow fallen leaves is soft. Time is of lesser importance than when busy being productive. In those productive times, time itself becomes a measure of productivity. Not so sitting by the fire. Watching the small stems and branches burn is like watching time burn in a way. It took time, quite a lot of time for those plants to absorb the energy of the sun and grow into stems and branches. And now as they burn it is like that time is being released rather quickly. And so I just sit, not being productive, yet feeling life. Taking time, planning for time, to just sit is needed to really live life. I cannot think of a better place to do that than in nature. It doesn’t have to be a long time, even a half hour or an hour will do, if that is all the time, time will allow.

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