I Am In A Wild, A Wild Is In Me


I am in a wild, a wild is in me,

I sit in a woodland, a woodland sits in me,

Oaks light up in the sun, branches bare, winter coming on,

White bark of a sycamore, pretty blue sky,

The trees are so resident, living life in one spot,

A feel of early morning, three hours past sunrise,

A last leaf falls, a spider crawls, across my pants leg,

Feels good to sit after running, on a prairie soft, the roll of gentle hills,

Running through a prairie, a prairie running through me,

The trees welcome me back, where they remain, living and giving life,

I get a fire going, it burns beside me and in me, pleasing smoke rises,

I am in a wild, a wild is in me.


Glenn Thomas Fell at Allegawaho Park, December 11, 2015






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