Walking In A Prairie Wild

Walking in a prairie wild, my mood as the day, mild,

Wind at my back, colors with the wind, ebb and flow,

In the grasses waving on the hillside and the water’s surface on the pond below,

The sun over my shoulder hazy, invites me to just be lazy,

Sitting on a seat of soft grass and earth,

Still and silent, caressed by nature’s touch in this wild’s berth,

The stems of grass that stand swaying above my head,

last year’s growth, are all dead,

Yet, as I stare, with a growing sense of wonder I become aware,

That in these prairie grounds, under this blue sky,

In the roots and crowns, life abounds,

Aware I am alive, connected to it all as I sit by this pond,

The life in me, in the ground, in the water, a prairie wild’s bond.

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