Lizard Stare

Sitting in the mountains all alone except for a lizard camouflaged on the lichen on the rocks. A gap of space lies between me and the rugged rocks beyond, slopes steep, covered in trees, fir and spruce, alone in the mountains rugged, challenging, daunting to think of going down into that deep valley and up the other side, hard to imagine.  I’m sure there’s a trail and I will try it eventually but not today. Today I sit, I marvel at the wonder in the shade, the mountain hiding me from the sun which is intense, it cannot reach me here, at least not yet.  I’m getting the lizard stare, its tail looks like the pine needle just behind it, it curves right into the needle, the same color, the back of the lizard is like the lichen, it is poised between two boulders, not moving, it just stares, lizard stare in the mountain air.

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