A Pleasant Spot

Off the main trail now, on to a foot path where there is solitude and shade. I needed both. Now I sit on lichen covered rugged rock slabs on the edge of a cliff looking out at a mountain peak. The sun has been warm, but now in the shade with a breeze I find a beautiful refreshing moment. There is a payoff in just sitting still. In the silence and the solitude with a bird song in my ears, with leaves fluttering, sitting among pine trees soaring toward rocky mountain views, there’s a peace that comes, a quiet comes, that I don’t know where else I can find.  And I find it hard to move on, though I am on my way to a meadow I want to be in today. I want to move on to the meadow, yet, this spot holds me, as if it holds a spell over me. Its rocks and light and air and view of the sky all so mesmerizing, I find myself still here still sitting. I came this way bound for a favorite meadow and along the way found this pleasant spot.  The beauty, the wonder of it almost brings me to tears. I guess that’s what I will call this place… a pleasant spot. But I’m going to move on now. I do want to make it to that meadow.  Its bloom and smells of wild bergamot and the sound of bumble bees and sight of butterflies will welcome me in the breeze at seventy degrees.

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