When Aspen Go To Ground

I love when Aspen go to ground, when the Aspen leaves fall, I see leaves yellow twirling in a breezy air, sometimes they are all around, the breeze takes a pause, and so do I, I sit back, lean against an Aspen, a cloud blocks the sun, I feel a chill, I sit still, there’s a feeling in the chill, to me it’s a thrill, because I know it will not be long til snow comes around, the air moves, the leaves shake, clatter, a coyote saunters by, nose to the sky, a solitary leaf drops, I hear birds chatter, tall pines crowd a nearby  ridge, I take it all in, pondering the colors, the change that’s occurring, the change that’s coming, last daisies in bloom, I want to come back here when the snow lies deep, I hope I can, but I don’t want to assume, most of all, I hope I  will be able to recall how I feel when Aspen go to ground, when Aspen leaves fall 


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