December Fire

December Fire

December fire,

Just before dawn, throws warmth my way,

Burning wood crackles, spark and ash fly,

Orange and blue, the fire’s hue,

Smoke twisting, drifting, shifting,

Morning arrives, pink in the sky,

December fires burns a hole in time,

Creates a hidden space, to sit,

Away from the rushing race of work and mind,

A stop spot to savor my journey,

Aware life is all around and in me.


It is winter break from teaching school. An annual season for me to have time to sit by a fire in my backyard, on a week day, as the world around me rushes on with work and life.  It is a privilege I have to be able to just observe and listen in nature. It is healthy.  It is unfortunate more are not afforded this privilege, perhaps it should be a right. Life is a journey diminished  when rushed. Life is best lived savored.

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