Bison In The Light

Bison In The Light

Bison in the light, as day turns into night

And the silent solitude of prairie hills, that soothes my human ills

Descends, bringing here a peace on earth, near the time when so many celebrate a divine birth

And I take a seat on high ground, in brown prairie grass and look all around

The sky splattered with graying cloud, valleys fading away into evening’s falling shroud

Bison now just small dark dots … wounded lives find healing in such spots

I feel my soul touching something, something spirit, something whole

A tear wells up, but don’t quite flow, a joys swells up, I am humbled to know

Pardon me if I am wrong, cuz this feeling is just oh so strong

But I think I am simply feeling life, uncontaminated by man-made strife


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